1. Would you rather work:

2. How do you approach a new challenge?

3. You are working with your teamate on fixing an issue at work, do you tend to

4. You are hanging out with a friend and there is a long pause in the conversation, do you:

5. After a long tiring day, do you want to:

6. Do you consider yourself a better

7. When standing in line, do you often

8. Do you prefer writer who

9. when taking a test back in school, did you

10. Would you rather work

11. You often speaks:

12. Do you tend to see:

13. Do you go through things,

14. Which is a greater quality to have

15. Which way is easier for you to understand people, using

16. Would you rather make decisions based on

17. Is it better to be

18. With people, are you usually

19. Would you rather

20. If your partner is upset about something, do you tend to:

21. When car shopping, do you tend to:

22. Do you tend to work on a project

23. Is clutter something you generally

24. Are you regularly

25. Do you like things

26. Would you rather

27. Is your life relatively

28. Which is worse, being too